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Rapid roulette

Rapid Roulette

It is a roulette wheel that includes several bets, but without a real roulette table, the player can place his bets using a touch screen in front of him, and bets cannot be made after the wheel has turned.

what makes the game “fast” is that the timer asks the players to bet every 20-30 seconds or to skip the round.

Players place their bets on individual screens without having to wait for other players. Because Betting here is an individual matter and once the ball falls on the chosen number, all winning bets will be paid automatically.

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How to play rapid roulette

There is no difference in the way of playing rapid roulette, whether in a real or online casino.

In most cases, the player in the real casino chooses the start of one of the chairs and after depositing the money the account balance is displayed on the betting screen.

After that, the bet size can be specified by clicking on the Bet size option and then selecting the bet type by choosing the virtual bet layout.

As for the online casino, it is played in the same way as any other online roulette. 

 Players bet on the numbered wheel, from 1 to 36, which consisting of red and black colors. After the bets are placed, the ball is released and after it is fall and stopped, the bets are collected and the winnings paid.

Rapid roulette strategy

The rapid roulette strategy is similar to the European roulette strategy.
And It would be a good idea for the player to stay away from the inside bets. So, if he is not a professional player and concentrates only on financial bets. 
Because of the rapid betting rounds, the player can try on different strategies more quickly than other games. But if this is the first time that he is playing rapid roulette, we recommend looking for the Rapid Roulette bonus, which he can find in the casino websites bonus, and then he can bet with real money.

The good thing about these bonuses is that the player can try this game with minimum cash, which allows him to use some money for strategy.
Substitutionally, the player can also try a free virtual game and experienced other technics without getting involved in high risks.

Tips to play Rapid roulette

First, you need to learn about the basic roulette and its bets, and then move on to playing fast roulette.

It is good to get Informed with the different types of the game and to have an idea about the sites of the manufacturer of these games and applications.
Certainly, there is no specific plan for the results of the roulette spin or even to guarantee the result. As mentioned, the basis of the roulette game in all forms is about the prediction, of course, some odds or bets are safer to set than others, but nothing is guaranteed. No roulette strategy is 100% safe, but with experience and familiarity with the game, it is possible to get close enough to your profit. For example, the regular feature for gamers is -2.7%, but devices like roulette computers can achieve a house edge of over 120%, which is 40 times more. 

Types of bets

Types of bets

  • Split bet: betting on two adjacent numbers in the chart, the player bets on numbers 8 and 9, and chips are placed on the line between the two numbers. Winning bets have a return from 17 to 1.
  • Direct Bet: It is the simplest type of bet in the game because it covers only one specific number. And since the chances of winning in the direct bet are lower, the payout is more than 35 to 1.
  • Street bet: This bet covers a row of three numbers i.e. the numbers 10, 11, and 12. The chips are placed on the line at the end of the row. The winning bets are paid on-street bets from 11 to 1.
Types of bets1

Types of Bets1

  • Square or corner betting: It is a four-digit bet that shares one corner, hence the name of the corner.Bets are made on the numbers 5, 6, 8, and 9. The payout is 8 to1
  • Six-Line Bet: It is similar to a street bet, but it covers two adjacent rows of numbers. These bets are placed on the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The wager is placed on the line that separates them. If this bet wins, the payout will be 5 to 1.
  • High-Low bet: This is also a suitable bet for those who prefer to play it safe. The player is going to bet that the next number will be either low (1-18) or high (19-36). The chances are equal to win this bet, so the payout is either in cash or the payout is 1 to 1.
The history of rapid roulette

The History of Rapid roulette

Rapid Roulette is a new version of roulette which approved officially in 2000.

it was based on the popular Australian roulette game, which was only a slot machine virgin.

the Australian roulette was not very popular at that time in casinos for the reason that there were not a lot of people who are connected to it.

 But after a while. casinos owners think about the possibility of using computers so that the game could be speeded up.

So Rapid roulette is a mixture of Australian and traditional roulette which joining real casino dealers and employees who still use a wheel and ball to get the winning numbers.

Rules of Rapid Roulette

The rules for rapid roulette are the same as any other roulette game. Roulette through online casinos hast to the same rules. Perhaps the winning numbers are usually determined by a real wheel, so this is how the game of roulette began. and the same thing applied to online casinos. it depends on expectation and choosing the type of bet.
the difference here is the timing and the speed in the roulette rounds and betting again.
Slot machines are controlled by an electronic system that cannot be known, especially from behind the screen, as it works automatically and the player must know that very well in order to accept the loss as well as the profit.

Rapid roulette system

The design of rapid roulette is completely different from traditional roulette.the electronic screens are arranged around the actual table. Players can place their bets through it without the need for chips in the real casino.Then the chips that appear on the screen before playing are bought by the dealer and bets are placed simply by touching the chip on the screen and dragging it to the desired position on the chart.Winning roulette bets are automatically calculated and paid via a computer. There is a “cashout” button on the screen, which can be pressed to end the player’s game and instruct the gambling dealer to pay the winning bets.Of course, the same method is done through online casinos, but with the online casino site.It is also possible to play a variety of bets in rapid roulette as it is on its way to compete with the traditional game, as it is available now in many casinos all around the world.

what is Rapid Roulette

it is the same original roulette but with a timer that asks the players to set their bets every 20 seconds 

is rapid roulette available via online casinos?

yes, you can find Rapid roulette in many online casinos website, as it is becoming more popular nowadays.

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