Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files that are written and send automatically from (Arabic roulette) to the user’s device. This file contains the website’s name, validity time of the cookies file on your device, and the browsing preferences.

What is the purpose of using the cookies?

All websites use cookies to offer an easy, flexible, and comfortable browsing experience to its users to achieve these requirements:

  • Remember the user’s details and recognize him when he enters the site from search engines, other sites, or from typing the site URL directly in his browser.
  • Maintain the site’s usability.
  • speed up user’s browsing processes
  • Classifying users’ data in categories to help us to understand how users use the site, and what are their preferences and requirements to improve the site’s content and structure.

It worth noting that, we cannot personally identify the user by cookies information and all of your sensitive data are encrypted by many protocols like (HTTPS, SSL, and TSL).

What types of cookies (Arabic Roulette) send you?

Our site sends you 2 types of cookies files, namely:

  1. Temporary Cookies – these data remain on your device for one browsing session only then it will be erased, these cookies are like login data and selected preferences and themes.
  2. Persistent cookies – these data last on your device for a long time until they expire after or you manually erase them, these cookies are like languages preferences and display customization.

Third-party cookies

As you can notice, we recommend some online casinos to our users. These sites use cookies (like any website else) to provide their players with high-quality gaming and browsing experience. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing their cookies policy, we encourage you to take a look at their privacy policy pages.

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