Real Roulette Strategies

Real Roulette Strategies

Spinning a roulette wheel is a lot of fun, and if you’ve ever tried it, you know the thrill! However, when it comes to regular gambling in free casinos, especially on real roulette, players must have some kind of tactics so that they can get wins because playing without a strategy only lowers your bankroll. Therefore, we present you the best real roulette tactics. You can use it in real free roulette but also in real cash games where you invest real money. Stay tuned, take a look at our Arabic Roulette strategies and apply any of them to try to make some profits while spinning the wheel.

Real Roulette Strategies
Real Roulette Strategies

Real Roulette Strategies: Martingale

The Martingale system is one of the best free roulette tactics any player can apply as it does not require any specific knowledge or experience. The goal is to double your bet each time you lose – if you put in $5 and lose, the next bet is $10 and you hold it like that until you win. The goal is to cover all previous losses with one big win.

Therefore, you can continue to place bets on one color until you win and cover all the losses you previously made on that color. You can apply it in casino free games too, but the best for winning is to find a table with a small minimum bet where you place a bet on red/black or even/odd and keep playing the same way until you win.

Real Roulette Strategies: Reverse Martingale

This strategy is similar to the previous one, but with the difference that you start with a big/max bet and halve the bet each time you lose (hence the reverse martingale system is its name) A lot of players playing in betfinal reported that they were using this casino strategy to win in the betfinal. Real Roulette. In this way, you can minimize losses during rough corrections.

Find a minimum bet table, place a small bet on black/red or even/odd and keep your bet in the same spot as long as you win. When you lose, keep the same bet but keep it at the lowest bet. The biggest disadvantage of this system is that you can lose profits entirely. However, if you hit the hotline, you will win a lot of money! Try it in real free roulette first. After you practice a little, you can move on to betting for real money.

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Real Roulette Strategies: D’Alembert

While the previous two strategies are a little more risky and should be used in real free roulette until you learn how to play correctly, D’Alembert’s strategy is a bit safer, increasing the bet by one rather than doubling it. Place a bet on red/black or even/odd and after each loss, increase the bet by one. If you win, reduce the bet by one. The goal is to stop when you have at least the same number of wins as losses. Just be sure to practice in a free game and make sure you don’t forget to keep track of your wins and losses.

Real Roulette Strategies: James Bond

In online roulette, many people like to use the James Bond strategy because it looks cool but it can also bring you huge winnings. However, to apply it, you will need $200 as a start because you need to cover numbers 19-36 with $140, 13-18 with $50 proof and $10 for insurance. If any number appears between 1 and 12, you lose all money. But any other numbers give you a profit. As James Bond is a risk-taker, you understand these risky tactics, whether applied in online casinos or brick-and-mortar casinos.

Real Roulette Strategies: Andrucci System

Andrucci’s system uses the logic that over time each number should be covered by a roulette wheel. Start by writing down the numbers that appear in a 30-35 lap cycle. Next, select a number that the ball is likely to land on and stick to over the next 15 to 25 spins, or until you win. Andrucci’s system is inspired by chaos theory and draws from principles of physics.

Andrucci is an interesting betting system. It’s a risky choice, but many players swear by their successes when using the Andrucci betting system.

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