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1. General provisions

This policy defines the ways of processing the personal data of (Arabic Roulette) users. In addition to the criteria and standards that we use to secure our visitors’ data.

2. General definitions used in the policy

2.1 Processing of personal Data – the process of checking the users’ data using automated software to provide a flexible and error-free browsing experience.

2.2 This website/ We – refers to (

2.3 User/ users – any visitor of this website.

2.4 Personal Data – Any kind of information related to an identifiable website user.

2.5 Cookies – A small textual file contains data sent from this website to the user’s device, this file is used to document your activities on this website to make the user’s browsing experience easier without compromising his sensitive data (E.G. name and credit Cards).

3. What kind of data this site process?

3.1 Collecting data processes are done using electronic analysis methods such as Google Analytics and other methods.

The Data we collect are:

4. Why we process these data?

Our site processes these data automatically to achieve the following objectives:

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