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How to win at casino roulette

How to win at roulette tips?

Roulette is a unique game, it gathers the advantages of all casino games; it has the high winning odds of blackjack, the randomized results of slots, and the simplicity of video poker!

in this guide, we will review the guaranteed roulette strategy that helps you maximize your winnings from online casinos.

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roulette strategy or luck?

Roulette depends on randomness! So, every player and every bet has the same winning chance in every game. However, in the 18th and 19th centuries, some players observed the roulette wheels for a long time to determine their inclination degree and its effect on determining winning numbers and conclude a roulette strategy, but casinos, rapidly, solved this problem by adjusting wheels places and making sure the wheels are accurately leveled to close the roulette gap!

the safest bet in roulette

safest bets in casino roulette have the winning odds of 47.3%, namely:

  • Black/Red
  • Odd/ Even
  • High/Low

these bets cover almost half of roulette numbers, and they give you a payout of 1x, which is fair enough if we take into account their high winning probabilities, and if you bet on all of them in one game you will have 1 win at the minimum! Also, these bets are the corner stones for every roulette strategy.

is roulette the easiest game to win in a casino?

Yes, roulette is the easiest game to win at any offline or online casino! It’s fast, reliant on luck, and every roulette bet has a known odd and payout. there are 3 rules in the roulette games, namely:

  • You can bet on any number or area.
  • The winning odds are in a negative relationship with profit, which gives risky and safe players a chance to bet their way.
  • You can play roulette strategy, luck, or even for free.
is there a strategy for roulette

Is there a roulette strategy?

In fact, there is no accurate and mathematical roulette strategy like (the basic strategy of the blackjack), but the variety of betting options lured some players to use the principle of doubling in roulette bets which makes the game like an auction against winning odds!

In theory, these strategies are very successful, while in practice, they don’t guarantee you win nor increase your odds, but rather they will eat up your balance very quickly!

Top roulette casinos

Who are the best Roulette winners?

Surely, you want to know what are the biggest roulette winners’ strategies to follow them. However, all of these players didn’t use any roulette strategy and relied on luck only, But, if they were unlucky, this list would have been “the most stupid players in roulette history”!

  • Philip Green ($ 2,000,000).
  • Chris Boyd ($ 440,000).
  • Ashely Revel ($ 270,000).
  • Sir Sean Coneery ($ 27,000).
Why roulette is called as the devil's game

Why roulette is called as the devil’s game?

it’s not a fact about the game of course! it’s only a mathematical joke since the sum of all roulette numbers is 666 which is a symbol for the devil in modern popular culture.

How to win roulette?

when it comes to thinking of making a permanent profit from roulette games, players are divided into 2 kinds.

the first kind thinks that they can make a profit using a plan, theory, or roulette strategy that guarantees permanent winnings. However, they forget that the results in roulette are up to luck and the game depends totally on randomness! So, there is no magic solution that players can apply to control the odds!

if you think that there is a successful roulette strategy, try to apply it to another game of chance like slots, or dice games if your strategy works on them it will work with roulette as well! also, you should try any idea or strategy on the free casino roulette games first, this way you will not sacrifice real money in failing strategy!

Remember that if casinos are support skill games they had to offer Chess and Sudoku instead of roulette, card games, and slots!

The second kind of players applies the motto: “play the game like a beginner, to win like a professional”! they know the odds and probabilities very well, so they bet big on the outside bets and place low bets on the inside numbers.

Besides, professional players know that roulette depends on speed! Since every game takes only 1 – 2 minutes, so they are aware of what they spend in 1 – 2 minutes, stick to their budget, and take advantage of casino bonuses!

Martingale roulette strategy

Martingale system is the most common roulette strategy! the goal of this betting system is to recover your losses and have a “proven” percentage of winning! You can apply this strategy in 4 easy steps as follows:

  • Choose an outside option and bet on it.
  • If you lost your bet, double it and don’t change your betting option.
  • Again if you lost double your betting value on the same option!
  • Even if you confronted a losing streak, you will have a big won that will return you to the break-even point at the minimum!

For example, if you placed a $5 bet on red and you lost, place a $10 bet on red again, if you lost again place $20 then if you won, you’ll have $40 while your losses were $15 only!

But the disadvantages of this strategy are very large, namely:

  • You have to place many high bets in a short time, so may lose your balance before getting a win!
  • You will play casino roulette for longer than usual!
  • All of the roulette games have maximum betting limits, so after placing many bets you may find an error message that will get you out of the game before achieving the goal of the martingale betting system!

Best roulette Strategy

1. Stick to a budget

Remember that roulette games are very rapid. So, you have to monitor your balance after every win or lose! also you have to set a limit for losing/ winning for every gambling session, If you encounter any difficulty in applying these points try using prepaid cards or e-wallets at online casinos.

2. Choose a casino offers many bonuses!

You’ll not have to exceed your budget if you signed up at the right casino! Because perfect casinos offer many bonuses to their players which can boost your winning chances without risking real money! and the most generous online casinos are (betfinal, 888 casino, and 1xbet),

3. If you like the single number bet choose the right game!

As you know, the single number bet has the minimum odds in the roulette game, therefore you should bet on them with the minimum possible bet and choose the game that offers you max wins on these bets like (lightning roulette) which offers you winning between 50x up to 500x!

Roulette tips

  • Wager with different stakes in every game.
  • Bet on various options in the same game.
  • Always play for fun, Roulette will not make you rich!
  • If you want to win in every game you must be the casino owner!
  • Try live roulette games.
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