Roulette Computer Game

Roulette Computer Game

In the beginning, before we go into explaining the Roulette Computer Game, we want to clarify an important thing, which is that the Arabic Roulette site does not recommend or endorse the use of cheating devices to obtain profits from online casinos, and this page is intended to provide information about the strategy used by players to achieve profits from the game Roulette using special computers.

Roulette computers are computers that contain special software that works under suitable conditions to cheat the traditional casinos and make profits from the game of roulette.

There are many shapes and types of these devices, and they are mostly developed individually by the cheaters themselves. The most common Roulette Computer Game design is the size of a pack of cigarettes, and is connected to an invisible wireless earphone that the player places in his ear, and a small camera the size of a clock hand that the player hides in his pocket. his clothes.

The button is the most sensitive part of Roulette Computer Game because the player has to press it at the beginning of each spin; There are so many secret places to put a button like on the fabric of your clothes, in your shoe, or even under your big toe! Some players even explained in a YouTube video how he put the button between his teeth to press it without anyone noticing.

In general, the player should place the button in a comfortable and hidden place to be able to press it at exactly the correct time, because an error in timing will lead to wrong predictions.

The Roulette Computer Game looks different because each player develops it himself and it is not sold on the Internet, and it is forbidden to sell it; If the casino catches a player using this computer, it is very likely that he will be prosecuted and imprisoned!

How is the Roulette Computer Game used?

This computer is turned on when a certain button is pressed at the same second that the dealer throws the ball on the wheel, then the computer starts filming the roulette ball to predict the number on which the ball will fall before the dealer says his famous sentence (No more bets, please)! After the computer calculates the odds, it sends them to the player via an earphone. The player can place a straight bet on the number set by the computer or bet on the surrounding numbers in order to increase his winnings.

For example, if a Roulette Computer Game expects the ball to land on the number 8, you can place a straight bet on that number, bet on the first dozen, even numbers, and the second column!

Sometimes seasoned players like to place a straight bet on the number predicted by the computer and other bets on different options to distract the casino observers! Whereas, if a player achieves 3 or 4 successive winnings from single bets (with a win rate of only 2.7%), he will raise the suspicions of the casino managers!

In addition, the computer will not predict the correct number every time, which is another reason why you should choose one of the outside bets instead of placing a straight bet on one of the numbers in the table.

It is worth noting that after the dealer launches the ball on the roulette wheel, you will have only 10-15 seconds to place your bet before the dealer prevents players from placing more bets, so this matter will require practice for a long time and in real casino conditions for the player to be able to Do it without errors.

Is Roulette Computer Game legal?

In some countries it may be legal to play Roulette Computer Game, in others it is not. For example, in Las Vegas casinos they are completely illegal. However, the use of Roulette Computer Game is not specifically governed by country law but by the casino itself. Of course, you cannot ask the casino if it is legal to use Roulette Computer Game before you start playing!

As casinos do not want players to get a permanent win from roulette games in any way! And if the casino suspects that you are using a computer, they can ban you not only from accessing it, but from every other casino nationwide! Therefore, the only solution may lie in using this device in the live roulette games offered by the online casino.

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