Types of Online Roulette

Types of Online Roulette

Although the image of a spinning roulette wheel is very common knowledge, the rules that govern online roulette are different from those in the original 19th century version. Also, even among the various types of roulette, there are rules that set them apart. The best online roulette tip, just to be able to quickly adapt to the different rules that each type has. The most popular online roulette game is the European version, followed by the American version, and the French option comes in third. There are also some variations of roulette, which include slightly different gameplay.

European Roulette

The European version of online roulette is the most popular variant of all the different types of roulette. The roulette table offers the standard setup with two grids, the inner and outer section, with numbers from 1 to 36 and all the additional options for group bets. There are many options that gamblers can try for free online, in order to better prepare for the moment when they are going to place bets for the money. Although the rules and the gameplay itself are pretty straightforward, there are many scenarios to try to create a better outcome betting strategy.

The peculiarity of this roulette game and the way it can be recognized is that it has only one pocket on the wheel. This also works out to give the house edge, but unlike the other versions, it has one of the smallest single votes favoring the casino operator, at just 2.7%.

Types of Online Roulette french roulette

French roulette

Online French Roulette is the best resemblance to the original version, which is said to have been invented by the French, hence the name. Initially, the game had no zero on the wheel, which resulted in the casino not having any chances of winning. Meanwhile, French Roulette Online also included the zero symbol, but players believed that it brought a lot of advantages to the casino. Thus, they added two rules that further restrict the house edge, and created its lowest value, 1.35%, only when these rules were applied. These refer to:

En Prison, which occurs if there are even odds bets, such as red/black, or even/odd. The rule is to re-bet if the player loses the original bet.

La Partage, pretty much the same, except cashback is only 50% of the missing amount.

First, try online roulette to learn about the French terms, such as Pair for Even, Impair for Odd, Manque for 1-18, Passe for 19-36, and so on.

American roulette

The type of online roulette game that casino operators prefer the most is American. This variant added an extra pocket to the wheel which is not an option in the player’s favor. American Roulette online has a double zero listed within the holes on the wheel, and has the same score as if the ball had landed on the single 0 symbol. The difference is that now, after adding that extra slot, the house has grown even higher, at a value of 5.26%.

Even though the payout hasn’t changed and the house edge has increased to almost double the European version, it seems like an ill-advised attempt to pick this game over its counterpart. Simulating a few rounds of any online roulette option will show how bankrolls are disappearing at an exponential rate. However, there are many fans of the American version. Also, in an effort to reward the casino advantage, some games have introduced a new rule called surrender, which states that half of the bet amount will be returned if the ball lands on 0 or 00.

Alternative roulette games

In the history of this favorite pastime, there have been many gamblers who have become addicted to the classic option of roulette. But while there has been a growing interest in online roulette to win fortunes, many alternative versions of the game have been invented. After trying it out, some of the most popular ones have also remained in the selection of games for some casinos. Online places have followed the trend and even expanded their reach, due to the fact that they are not restricted to any physical deposit space. As such, the most newly created roulette games are presented in the following sections.

لعبة روليت

Mini Roulette

For those who are intimidated by the large number of options a player can bet on, the developers of roulette games have imagined a smaller version of the roulette wheel. In this scenario, the actual wheel is smaller, with only 13 holes that the ball can fall into while spinning. The pockets of the wheel are numbered from 1 to 12, in the same colors of red and black, with a single 0 symbol, on a green background. A couple of spins in some free roulette games should be enough to give the gambler a sense of the game, especially since the same rules apply as in the case of standard European online roulette.

However, there is a slight difference in the rules. Perhaps the inventors thought that for small roulette, smaller than standard measures, less chances of losing should be given to the gamblers. Thus, if the ball lands on the 0 symbol, only half of the bet is lost, and the remaining amount is returned to the players.

Multi ball roulette

Speaking of increasing the odds of winning top bucks, especially for those who play roulette games for life-changing riches, multi-ball roulette was invented. Basically, on the same classic roulette wheel, along with the initial ball spinning in the back, there are many other balls launched at any given time. Players can choose the number of balls to be released each spin. The more balls, the higher the chances of winning, but a larger number of balls also means a lower payout percentage. Besides, the odds increase even more to see how the hole cannot be occupied by more than one ball. This means more chances of getting a positive outcome.

Multi wheel roulette

In the same line of thinking that follows an increase in the chances of winning that the gambler has, the other option besides adding multiple balls to one wheel, was to put more number of wheels, at the same time. Multi-wheel roulette can also be seen as playing games for fun, after witnessing up to 8 online roulette wheels spinning simultaneously, it can be a very entertaining show to watch. The number of active wheels can increase or decrease according to the player’s choice, although the more there are, the higher the chances of a positive outcome.

There is one table for betting on all wheels in the form of European Roulette. The same bet applies to all wheels

Interesting facts

There are a few interesting things that fans of Arabic Roulette would love to include in any conversation on the subject. Starting with its nickname, “Devil’s Game”. Leaving all other dark connotations aside, the reason for this is not that gambling and money are Satan’s tools in suing your soul, but due to the fact that when all the numbers on the wheel are added up, it comes to 666, which everyone knows is the number of the beast. Perhaps there is something to keep in mind when trying to play roulette online: if you are going to lose your soul, wouldn’t you like to have the change to win some real money in return?

As already mentioned, there are some peculiarities of this game, for example, the first memory of it happened in France in the 17th century. Since then, it has become one of the most popular images, representing casinos, in movies and on television in general.

Online roulette positions itself differently compared to other table games, for example, it uses different chips than any other casino game, some of different colors, to see which stake belongs to which participant at the table. Also, California Roulette Online is played with decks of playing cards.

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