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Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games of all time! This is because it contains a lot of betting options, and gives players a variety of winning and winning opportunities, and it has many different forms, and it depends on luck and strategy together. Although online roulette Iraq has all the features of a perfect gambling game, it was invented by pure chance!

In the eighteenth century, the French scientist Blaise Pascal was seeking to invent a wheel that moves permanently without human intervention to be used in industrial work in order to speed up and facilitate the production process, however, Pascal’s invention failed as a mechanical machine and succeeded as a gambling game! As the French pub owners of this era decided to take Pascal’s wheel and add the number digits to it and the small ball that determines the outcome of the rounds, and although most historians believe that roulette is an invention that the French scientist Blaise Pascal did not recognize, others believe that This game has come from the Italian game Biribi.

Although this game has been around for more than 200 years, the question “How to play roulette online?” It is always brought up by new players who want to enjoy the excitement and profits that this game offers them. Therefore, we invite you to discover this guide that provides you with everything you need to know about the online roulette game, its bets, how to play, the types of online roulette, and the most important strategies that you can apply to this game.

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How to play online roulette in casino?

How to play online roulette in casino?

Before we address the most important types of bets, the main differences between the different types of online roulette, and the more complex matters, we must start by explaining the basics of the game of online roulette.

In the beginning, you should know that the game of roulette online begins with betting on one of the outside options or the inside options. To place your bet, all you have to do is draw the chips and place them on the slots you wish to bet on before the dealer throws the ball on the online roulette wheel.

Outside bets

Outside bets are the simplest types of bets that a player can place in online roulette, which makes them ideal for beginners. However, it offers very low profits. There are 4 types of outside bets and they are as follows:

  • Red/Black – Just as you can tell from the name, this bet means that you expect the ball to either fall into a black or a red slot, regardless of the slot number. You can choose this type by placing the bet pieces on a rectangle (Red or Black), this bet has a win rate of close to 50% and it pays 1x.
  • Odd/Even – In this bet the player predicts whether the ball will fall on an odd or even number on the roulette wheel. A rectangle (Odd and Even) on the online roulette table is usually located next to a rectangle (Red or Black), and this bet also has odds close to 50% and offers a profit of 1x.
  • Low/High Numbers – Similar to the previous types, this bet has a win rate of close to 50%, as it divides the numbers of the roulette wheel into low and high numbers. Numbers 1 to 18 are considered low while numbers 19 to 36 are referred to as high numbers. Just like the previous types of bets, this bet has a win rate of around 50% and offers a payout of 1x.
  • The Dozen – Another type of outside roulette bet is the bet on a dozen, ie a batch of 12 numbers. The online roulette table contains 3 dozen, the first dozen (numbers 1 to 12), the second dozen (numbers 13 to 24), and the third dozen (numbers 25 to 36). The odds of winning this bet are slightly lower around 32% and it pays 2:1 which means that you will win $20 for a $10 bet on the dozen.
  • Columns – The numbers on the online roulette wheel can also be divided into three horizontal columns. Each horizontal column contains 12 numbers, and you can bet on any column by placing the chip on the column of the column you wish to bet on, and just like the previous bet, this bet offers the winners a profit of 2:1 on the winning bet.

Inside Bets

As indicated by its name, the inside bets are placed on the numbers inside the roulette table, and they cover a very limited number of roulette numbers, so their chances of winning are very limited while the profits they offer are significantly high, and there are 6 types of inside bets in the game Online Roulette in Iraq as follows:

  • Straight Bets – In this bet the player bets on one number on the roulette table. The player must place the bet chip in the middle of the cell where he feels the ball will fall. This bet has the highest winnings online roulette in Iraq ever which is 35:1 however the odds of winning this bet is only 2.70%.
  • Split Bets – This bet is placed on the line between two adjacent numbers on the online roulette table. Since you will bet on two numbers at once, the odds increase to 5.4%, while the payout is halved to just 17:1.
  • Street Bets – This bet includes three consecutive numbers, and you can place this bet on any of the vertical rows of three numbers, this bet offers a payout of 8.1% and if the ball lands on any of the slots you bet on you will get 11 times The value of your bet.
  • Corner – Also known as the “square bet”, this bet targets 4 numbers that together form a large square, and the chip of this bet is placed in the middle of the square containing the four numbers. This bet pays 8:1 and has a 10.8% odds of winning.
  • Line – This bet is placed on two adjacent rows of numbers. The chip of this bet is placed at the intersection of two rows of numbers and it pays 5:1 and the odds of winning are 16.2%.
  • Five Number Basket Bet – This bet is only available in American Roulette, and it includes five numbers on the roulette table (0, 00, 1, 2, 3). The chips of this bet are placed on the cross between 0 and 1, and it pays 6:1 and the chances of winning are 13.5%.

Online roulette games in Iraq

Previously, we discussed the types of bets in online roulette Iraq, the amount of winnings they offer, and their chances of winning. You can place these bets on roulette games found in traditional casinos, games available at online casino sites, and live roulette games as well. However, we advise you to start by trying out these bets on the free versions of online roulette games in Iraq offered by online casino sites. There are 3 main types of online roulette games in Iraq, which are as follows:

French Roulette

French roulette is largely considered to be the original form of roulette, and it is very similar to European roulette in that the slots of the table and wheel are almost identical. It contains English words!

The most important difference between both types is that French roulette contains the “En Prison” rule, which freezes your bet if the ball falls into the zero slot and gives you the opportunity to participate in the next spin with the same bet value and the same option. You get half the value of your bet. Another rule in French roulette is “La Partage” and this rule allows you to instantly redeem your bet if the ball lands in the zero slot! Both rules reduce the casino edge to 1.45% instead of 2.7% in European roulette.

However, the only downside to French roulette is that you will rarely find it in an online casino. Among the best casinos that offer this game is 888 Casino.

European Roulette

European Roulette is the most popular and popular form of the game in both traditional and online casinos! The rules of this game have been used in newly created games such as (Lightning Roulette, Arabic Roulette, Immersive Roulette).

Although European roulette does not include “En Prison” or “La Partage” rules, it is still better than American roulette because it contains one zero, and the long-term casino profit rate from this game is 2.7%.

American roulette

American roulette is similar to the two previous types in the form of the table and the wheel, the rules of play, the bets, and other details. However, the main difference between American roulette and other games is that it includes two slots for zero, namely (0) and (00).

The stakes will be higher with each spin American roulette doesn’t offer any higher payouts than the French or European type! So the long-term casino win rate from this game jumps from 2.7% to 5.26%. Therefore, we recommend Iraqi players and Arab players in general to avoid betting on American roulette and to bet on European or French roulette.

Online roulette strategies

Online roulette strategies

Applying the right strategy for playing roulette online Iraq is the first step to winning and making profits in this game, and no player can get big profits from playing roulette in the online casino or the traditional casinos without having a consistent and consistent strategy that fits with his playing style and his budget.

Some roulette players in traditional casinos or online casinos believe that winning online roulette in Iraq depends only on luck, while other players believe that online roulette strategies are the main means of making long-term profit. The truth is that these two views are two different sides of the same coin! That is, it depends on how you look at the game!

However, when you play roulette online Iraq and think that you have placed a lucky bet, you will have very little chances of winning in the game of online roulette. However, what distinguishes the casino players who rely on strategy from the players who rely on luck, is that the first type has started to take serious steps to get better odds of winning. However, no Iraq roulette online strategy gives you a 100% chance of winning, but at least increases your chances of winning.

For ease of understanding, we can classify the well-known online roulette strategies into two main groups; They are progressive betting strategies, and non-progressive strategies, and the progressive strategy of online roulette in Iraq depends on increasing your bet while the odds on which you bet remain constant, while the non-progressive strategies depend on reducing the value of the bet while fixing the odds of the bet, online roulette strategies range from From low-risk to high-risk strategies.

Choosing the right strategy can be confusing for many new players, so we will discuss the most basic online roulette strategies that you can apply at online casinos.

Progressive strategies

Online roulette strategies

As indicated by the name, these strategies state that the player increases his bet after each round. There are many strategies that fall under this category such as Martingale betting system and Paroli system, and we will explain these strategies in detail below:

Martingale System

The Martingale strategy aims to chase your losses in the game of roulette in Iraq, so after every loss you suffer, you double the bet you previously placed until you make a profit that compensates the value of your losses and gives you a small margin of profit.

However, no one can predict the winning golden cycle that will pay back his losses, and you may not get lucky on the day you implement this strategy and therefore you will suffer huge losses. That is, the Martingale system exposes you to double the risk in exactly the same way it gives you the opportunity to profit and recoup losses.

In addition, there is an important thing that most players ignore is that all online roulette games in Iraq have a maximum bet, and if the player reaches this limit, the game will be closed automatically! Also, the terms and conditions of most online casinos state that the Martingale strategy is strictly prohibited!

Paroli system

Paroli is another progressive online roulette system, in this strategy players double their bets but in a different way! As the player chooses roulette online, it has wide betting limits, starting from 0.5 dollars or less, starting from the minimum bet, and then gradually doubling the value of the bet after all the losses you incur, so if you are not lucky, you will not have lost a lot of money If you are lucky, you will have achieved the goal of the strategy.

The Paroli system is considered less risky because it does not result in placing huge bets that exceed your budget. This is because starting with small bets and trying to get a big winning streak is the main idea of Paroli.

It is worth noting that both the Martingale and Paroli system are suitable for outside bets such as red or black as well as betting on even and odd numbers.

The d’Alembert strategy

This system is somewhat similar to the Martingale strategy, in that this strategy requires you to increase the value of your bets after each loss. However, you do not have to necessarily double the bet, so the risk will not be as high as in the Martingale system. Therefore, your bets will not reach an astronomical high as in the Martingale system. However, since this strategy is progressing at a slower rate, it takes longer to cover all of your previous losses.

Romanowski’s strategy

Although Romanowski’s strategy is not popular with online roulette players, it is definitely worth a try! This strategy requires you to bet on a dozen and a corner in order to cover a total of 32 numbers with 8 chips, and the more you lose the more you will increase the value of your bet while holding on to the options you made. However, you will only need a few bets to get your money back and return to your original bet in most cases.

Other Non-Progressive Strategies

Online roulette strategies

All of the online roulette strategies discussed above were based on periodically increasing the bet with each spin the player bet on. However, there are also other roulette strategies in Iraq that do not require you to double your bets.

When using such strategies, it is better for you to use them on inside bets, as you do not have to increase your bets with each spin, and you can bet the same amount you started with constantly. This strategy aims to compensate for the huge profit offered by inside bets, and the most prominent example of this strategy is the Masse egale system.

Another strategy that is used on the online roulette games offered by both online and traditional casinos is the James Bond strategy. When using this strategy, you cannot bet any amount but rather the value of the bet is limited to at least $200.

So unlike other strategies that require you to start with low bets and increase your bet periodically, the James Bond strategy starts high! You start by betting $140 on numbers 19 to 36, and if the ball lands on any number between those two numbers, you win $80. Then when you bet $50 on numbers 13-18 you will win $100 if the ball lands on any number in between, you will also bet on numbers 1-10 and if the ball lands on any number you will win $160.

What is the ideal strategy in online roulette games?

As mentioned earlier, online Iraq roulette strategies do not give you a 100% chance of winning but rather increase your chances of winning and winning. However, you should know that online roulette strategies in Iraq do not give you an advantage over the casino but rather seek to increase your profits in the long run only and this win may or may not happen! That is, online roulette still depends on luck even if you apply any of the above strategies or if you develop your own!

What kind of roulette should you play?

As we mentioned before, all online roulette games have the same look, betting types and rules, however there are subtle characteristics that distinguish each type. French roulette is characterized by the fact that it contains “En Prison” and “La Partage” rules that increase your profits in the long run, while European roulette is the most famous and popular among online casinos and contains one zero digit, while American roulette is the worst on the Internet.

The launch is among the three types because it includes two zeros, however, it should not be overlooked that it is the only version of online roulette available in Las Vegas casinos, so many players prefer it for nothing but the fact that it bears the fragrance of Las Vegas only!

Why do players who apply roulette strategies fail?

Why do players who apply roulette strategies fail?

Online roulette strategy has only one goal and that is to win! Since there is no way to predict the number or color that the online roulette ball will fall on in Iraq, each strategy seeks to get the maximum number of odds in different ways, and these strategies are mainly based on the fact that Iraq roulette offers a large number of bets than than any other online casino game. However, most players who implement Iraqi roulette strategies fail and instead of making gains, they suffer huge losses!

In the next part of this guide, we’ll explain why Iraq roulette strategies fail in practice, and we’ll look at the strategies that actually work.

Previous courses do not affect the results of subsequent courses

No matter how many times you bet on the same option, the chances of the ball landing on one number/color remain the same each time.

You can easily try it out for yourself! Where you can enter one of the online casinos and try the free version of any roulette game in Iraq (without having to register a new account or make a first deposit). You can bet on 10 spins or more and you will find that the ball falls every time on an unexpected slot. However you may find red or black winning streak, however the odds will not change at all, and previous tournaments will not affect future tournaments.

Changing the size of your bet will not help you win at roulette

Regardless of whether you increase or decrease your bet, changing the size of your bets will have no effect on your chances of winning! This will not help the player to win. Each spin is independent of the next and the previous one, and the only thing that will change is the amount of money you bet! While a player can be lucky and win a lot of money, it is also possible to be unlucky and lose a lot as well.

There is no bias in online roulette games

In the past, there were some roulette players in Iraq who would monitor the results of the wheel for a large number of spins of up to 10,000 spins or more, and then collect and analyze the results of the spins to find out which slot the ball falls the most as a result of a slope in one side of the online roulette wheel .

However, online roulette games in Iraq offered by online casinos rely on Random Result Generators (RNG) to determine their results, and there is no bias in them. While live roulette games are also completely fair, they offer completely random results, and there is no bias in one of them.

Use Short Time Roulette Strategies

Many online roulette strategies aim to recover losses, however in order to be able to apply this strategy successfully your losses must be so low that it is easy to recover them. So betting strategies will work best when you use them in the short term, don’t forget that the casino always wins in the long run.

The winning streak is possible in online roulette, but it won’t last long

When you play Iraq roulette the ball can land on the same number two, three or more times in a row, and that’s not magic but simple statistics. In the American roulette wheel, the probabilities of the ball hitting the same number three times in a row can be calculated as follows:

(1 by 38) x (1 by 38) x (1 by 38) = 1 by 54,872 cycles

That is, the ball can land on the same number two, three or even four times but it won’t last forever, and it will land on another number soon so it’s best to keep your winning streak short and fast.

Making gains using a strategy does not guarantee its long-term success!

You can apply one of the strategies we explained before and win, but these strategies will not guarantee you victory in the long run! This is very important because some players can achieve a good result using a certain system or method and then completely trust this method and apply it in every playing session even though it can cause them huge losses. Luck can make you believe that a failed strategy is profitable!

How to win at roulette online?

All players from casual gamblers to professional players ask almost the same question: How to win at roulette online Iraq at gambling? Although the game of roulette online depends entirely on luck, there are ways to increase your chances of winning and winning if you make sure that you are doing everything right.
Whether you enjoy playing live roulette in traditional casinos or prefer playing in an online casino, being a successful player depends on your ability to make smart and fast choices. And in this part we will explain to you how you can create your own strategy to win in live roulette.

Choose the right game for you

Online casinos try to attract players with the various games that they offer, and in order to win in live roulette or online roulette, you must choose a specific type, and learn how to play it through the free versions until you master it completely, and then you can start betting on this game with money.
TRUE! If you find yourself switching between the different games that an online casino offers, you should slow down and think: which roulette game do you enjoy the most; Do you like live games more because they give you the chance to play against real dealers and other players? Or do you prefer video roulette games? Do you prefer French, European or American roulette?
To become a better player you have to focus your attention on one or two games, so you will be able to study tips and tricks and try to come up with a good strategy. Over time, you will be more adept at your chosen genres.

Record your wins and losses

Every time you play roulette online Iraq you should keep a detailed log of your winnings and losses, along with some key details of the odds, risks and your strategy.
This feedback will help you keep track of your playing patterns and assess whether your game plan is effective.

Use a separate bank account for gambling

If you want to play at the online casino and stick to your budget completely then you should use a separate gambling bank account to prevent your hobby from getting out of control. A successful player always knows when to stop by only depositing money they can afford to lose, and you can do this by setting up a separate gambling bank account, or by using a specific financial instrument separate from your primary financial means.

Set reasonable goals

We all dream of getting permanent winnings from roulette games in Iraq, but it is important to be realistic: the probability of permanent winning is very small and almost non-existent! To gamble successfully, it is a good idea to set yourself reasonable goals – for example, just double your account balance.
Always remember that the longer you play, the more likely you are to lose money! Therefore, you should set clear goals before you start gambling in order to prevent yourself from indulging in the excitement of gambling too much.

Cocnlusion – Online Roulette in Iraq

In this guide, we reviewed how to play roulette online in Iraq, and discussed the different playing strategies, and the most important roulette tips that you can implement. If you stick to a budget and learn one or two types of roulette in Iraq, you can avoid wrong bets and get the best odds of winning.

If you want to play Iraq roulette using one of the betting strategies, you should use this strategy for a short period and with low bets so as not to incur unnecessary losses. Online roulette strategies range from low risk to high risk level.

Whether you want to enjoy free online roulette Iraq games, programmed games or live roulette games, you can enter one of the casinos that we recommend to you on our site.

FAQs about Online Roulette in Iraq

Are there roulette halls in Iraq?

In fact, there are many Iraqi roulette halls, however, all of these halls are illegal and playing in them is not allowed and may expose you to many problems and you do not need it in the first place! Therefore, it is best to play at the online casino sites that we list to you on our site and that guarantee you security and freedom of access as a primary priority, in addition to that, they offer a more diverse and attractive selection of games as well!

What are the most famous online roulette games in Iraq?

Through the Arabic roulette site, you can enjoy playing many diverse online roulette games in Iraq, such as American roulette, European roulette, lightning roulette, video roulette and other wonderful and fun online roulette games.

What are the strategies for winning in online roulette?

There are many strategies and methods used to win the game of online roulette in Iraq, and you can learn about them by visiting the guide to winning strategies from Iraqi roulette in Arabic roulette.

Can I play roulette in Iraq?

The Iraqi law prohibits the presence of land-based casinos on the country’s land, and therefore it prohibits any kind of gambling games, including roulette, but you can enjoy the best online roulette games at the casino sites that accept players from Iraq and welcome them through many great rewards and promotions.

What is the difference between American Roulette and European Roulette

The difference between American roulette and European roulette lies in the difference between the wheel of each of them, as the American roulette game consists of 38 slots, including the single zero and the double zero, and the European roulette wheel consists of 37 slots, including only one zero slot.

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