3 Interesting facts about the online live roulette

3 Interesting facts about the online live roulette

If you want to try out one of the classic casino games, Roulette should be your first choice! online live roulette contains a lot of amazing features that have attracted players since the 18th century up till now! it has the lowest House Edge percentage which ranges from 1.35% to 5.4%, also its a game of chance, so you don’t need to learn strategies or train your mathematical skills to play it, all you have to do is choose an option, place your betting chip on it, and enjoy winning if the luck was on your side!

Because roulette is a social game, you can enjoy the real money casino atmosphere online thanks to live roulette games that are broadcasted from studios and presented by a group of professional and handsome dealers who speak all the global languages like (English, Arabic, Kurdish, and Turkish). If you open one of the online live roulette and take a look at the winners’ list after every spin, you’d be surprised at their huge winnings! For example, You can find someone who won $200,000 or more in one spin! However, these massive wins are less surprising than the game’s history!

1. What is the history of online live roulette?

The roulette wheel was created in France during the 17th century by the French scientist Blaise Pascal, who wanted to invent a motion perpetual machine to make industries easier and less human-dependent.

However, Pascal was the first loser in roulette game history because his contemporary, the German scientist Robert Fludd, invented this machine a few years before him and used it as a water screw!

Therefore, Pascal stopped his scientific and mechanical experiments and decided to sell his invention to a local store to get some money to compensate for his effort and time he put into this failed invention! That was his decision! Sure, scientists are not always creative!

After pascal sold it, People didn’t understand what was the mechanism of this machine and how it works. So, they tried to use it in various ways. Note that, in this age, the new gadgets were like the new iPhone for us! But, at all ages, people are interested in luck, horoscopes, and gambling. Roulette wheel gives them this impression. So, they added numbered and colored slots to it and a light ball to determine the winning slot. thus, “if you trust your luck and horoscope come on and bet on your favorite number to win money or have your dinner for free”!

You can imagine how much profit Pascal would have won if he had completed his invention and sold it to casinos around the world!

During the following years, Roulette gained great fame and popularity around Europe and Europeans made their version of the game which is called now “the European Roulette”, this game doesn’t have significant differences from the original one! They have the same wheel, table layout, odds, and payouts. But the French roulette has “la partage” and “En Prison” rules that make the zero slot beneficial for players!

2. Roulette is the Devil’s game!

The online live roulette game is very attractive and rapid. it can make the poor rich, and turn aristocrats into destitute in the blink of an eye! So, some people claimed that roulette is a devil temptation! And they demonstrated their claim by the arithmetic sum of the online live roulette wheel’s numbers; which is 666, the number that has been considered a sign of the devil, associated with everything demonic, and one of the favorite numbers for horror filmmakers in Hollywood!

But, of course, this claim is absurd enough that all horror filmmakers do not believe it, they believe more in the killer dolls!


3. Casino owners don’t like roulette!

If you met one of casino owners and asked him which games are the least profitable for him? He will say, with a heavy sigh: “French roulette, European Roulette, and American Roulette game of course”!

So, they distract players from it by devoting a very small space for roulette tables, while giving the slots games the largest possible areas! (because it is more profitable for them of course)!

Also, at internet casinos, you will not find many online live roulette titles and there are a few bonuses available for this game. Though, you can make huge winnings from online live roulette if you implement the following steps:

  • Start with a budget – before making your initial deposit, you should calculate your monthly spending to set a budget for entertainment, so if you lost its entire amount your other expenses will not be affected! And always remember to never exceed this budget, you can subscribe to many casinos to get more bonuses, or you can play online live roulette at one casino only to get loyal players offers and VIP promotions!
  • Diversify your bets – online live roulette is very interesting, but when you repeat your bets over and over you will feel it it became boring and even the profits are ordinary! So, vary your bets on every spin to make the game more exciting!
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