Multi wheel Roulette


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Roulette is a game consisting of a circular wheel and a small ball that can be played in a casino.
The interior part of the wheel consists of a group of pockets numbered from 1 to 36 with one zero. 
American roulette has a one zero and double zero, and the numbered pockets can be either red or black color except for the zero which is colored green and where half of the numbers belong to a certain color. 
Multi wheel roulette is one of the many types of roulette.

It is also known as golden roulette and is considered, the most exciting and enjoyable game comparing to regular roulette where the player can bet on several roulette wheels up to eight wheels.

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Multi wheel roulette vs regular

We mentioned that the difference between Multi wheel roulette and the regular one is that betting must be on all the wheels chosen by the player.

Multi Wheel Roulette Numbers

This game is available through online casino sites in both European and American types, and the player has the freedom to choose between the suitable type for him. So, If he chooses the European, the wheel will consist of numbers from 1 to 36 in addition to the odd zero. If he chooses the American, the wheel will consist of numbers from 1 to 36 in addition to the single and double zero.

MultiWheel roulette Online Rules

The Multi wheel roulette online game has the same rules as the regular ONE; the difference here is that the player must expect the winning numbers for each wheel and not just one wheel.

For example, if the player chooses to bet on 8 wheels, he must expect the winning number for each wheel and set a specific bet for each one Separately.

The rules of Multi wheel roulette follow the rules of European roulette, and it is one of the favorite types of roulette in online casinos due to its advantages and the higher chances of winning.

How to play multi wheel roulette?

The Multi wheel roulette version is different from the other roulette games, and it may go completely to another level by activating up to eight wheels to bet on and play. it is played on a single table with eight wheels; each one contains only one zero pocket to improve the probability of winning.

Step 1

Click on the betting chip you want (each has a different value). This bet will apply to all active roulette wheels. In other words, if you bet $1, it means you bet $8, one for every wheel.

Step 2

You can deactivate the roulette wheel you don’t want to play.

Step 3

Click the spin button and watch all the wheels until they stop.

Step 4

Markers will be shown on the table to show you which are the winning roulette wheel numbers on each wheel.

Types of inside bets + Roulette Wheel Odds


Types Of outside bets+ Roulette Wheel Odds

First and last numbers Bet  1-18 / 19-36: This bet includes all numbers in the specified range and pays even money when he wins.

Multi wheel roulette strategy


The Multi wheel Roulette Strategy is the same one used in the regular one.
usually, there are not many strategies and options, but regardless of the player bet, the casino advantage will be stable at 2.7%. 

This is because each bet is placed to pay its value fairly on the wheel that consists of 36 pockets besides, the zero is what gives the casino this advantage. However, the bets which have been chosen by the player can change everything, and this is more clear when it is related to Multi wheel roulette.

If the player chooses to bet on one or two numbers at the same time, he may lose the majority of the tournaments, but at the same time, if he is lucky and his expectations are right on all the wheels he chose, so he will win big earnings.   

The more the player commits to reasonable betting amounts, the less he will lose.  Especially since the bets in this game are made to set on more than one wheel, therefore the total will be big, in both cases winning or losing.

it is important for the player to play carefully and take his time while playing Multi wheel roulette. 
Multiple bets have less probability of winning than playing one bet at the same time, and if the player bets carelessly, he could lose his money quickly.

Which is better, Multi-wheel roulette or the original?

While Multi wheel roulette is the same as the original one, the available options make it the favorite between some of the players rather than others. 

Multiwheel Roulette online is considered an ideal game for players who wants to play many tournaments in a very short time. 

This is what professional players are looking for, the gambling excitement, as they will achieve the largest possible number of bets simultaneously. 

On the other hand, if the player enjoys the regular roulette game and prefers comfortable and more secure gameplay, he can stay on the regular roulette, which is available in most online casinos, but it will still lack any special advantages when compared to other games.

Multi-Wheel Roulette Bets Payout


The payout for Multiwheel roulette follows regular roulette games, and with direct bets on the numbers, the payout will be 35: 1, which means, for example, players can win up to £ 3,500 per number for a £ 10 chip.
Players can also place split bets on numbers, payout a 17: 1 double split payout, and payout an 8: 1 square split. 

They can also place bets on the specifications of the winning number, such as color, odd, even, or where it will be set on the table.
Payments may differ from 1: 1 to 3: 1 . which means the difference between French roulette and European roulette to other roulette games such as Multi wheel roulette.

 Safe online casinos

It is important when the player bets with real money, not to ignore the level of safety in the casino the player will choose to play in and bet on. 

You, as a player, should check and be sure that this casino has A legal license and high-quality games. 

 So you can play with the safe feeling that your personal information is protected. 

Online Multi wheel Roulette Bonuses


Online casino tends to offer a bonus for players so they can take advantage of it and rich their bank account, also this bonus gives them a long time to play so they can increase their chances of winning real money.

The bonuses offered by casinos have many types, and the player must choose what suits him, especially in what is related to the roulette games, which may not suit all the offers presented. So All he has to do is to slow down and choose the most appropriate offer.

Payment Methods in Multi-Wheel Roulette 

It is important for the player to make sure before starting to play Multiwheel roulette online that the site supports the deposit and withdrawal options he has. usually, most online casino sites have many different types of deposit and withdrawal options that are suitable for players all over the world. Such as credit cards and electronic wallets, which have the highest level of protection and security in the transfer, deposit, and withdrawal of money.

A prepaid card is also an excellent option for those who do not want to use their bank account for gambling issues. 

MultiRoulette Wheel on mobile


MultiRoulette wheel games are available through online casino sites, on Android and iOS applications as well, where the player can register and play through the laptop or the iPad, however, some players prefer to play on their mobile phone, and that is why most online casino sites have developed applications that support Mobile phone with the high quality to provide the players easy and enjoyable playing experience.

Just to know that the quality of the applications may vary from one casino to another, the player should look for casinos that have good reputations and are known for their high-quality online applications and games.

MultiWheel roulette: A Summary

Multi wheel gold roulette is European roulette that has turned to 8th.  you have to know that Multiple wheels increase your chances of winning, but also losing. 

And because there is no difference from European roulette in any way that affects the playing, you can play this game eight times faster. 

The only advantage the Multi wheels have is that you can play multiple tournaments at once. But If luck isn’t on your side, you may end up spending a lot more money than usual. on the other hand, you can also end your gaming session with a much higher casino winning. It is all a matter of the right decisions. 

Multi Wheel roulette FAQ

What is Multi Wheel roulette?

Multi Wheel Roulette is a variation of the classic game in which it has 8 wheels.

What is the most profitable bet on MultiWheel roulette?

There is no specific bet that is most profitable in Multi-wheel roulette. however, betting on red/black or even/odd is the least risky. if you want to bet on a specific number, people claim that the number 17 is the most frequent.

What is the safest Multi Wheel Roulette Betting strategy?

The Fibonacci system is the safest bet in Multi Wheel roulette. Here is the sequence. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55. You increase your bet every time you lose. If you bet one dollar and lose, in the next bet, bet another one dollar; if you lose that, then bet two dollars. In other words, follow the sequence.

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