Lightning Roulette


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Lightning Roulette is one of the most outstanding live games ever! It combines european roulette rules, with mesmerizing graphics, and massive wins!

in this guide we will review the most important features of this charming game!

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Betting options in lightning roulette?

Betting options in this game is similar to any other European Roulette game, therefore players can bet on the following choices:

Lightning Roulette Bonuses?

Unfortunately, online casinos don’t offer many promotions on live casino games. However, you can use the welcome bonus in the following casinos to enjoy this game:

What are the betting limits of lightning roulette?

Betting limits on this game depends on the casino it self, but in general it starts from $0.20 up to $10,000. remember that your lightning roulette strategy will determine size of your profits! higher your bet on the outside bets, and bet with the minimum stake on the single numbers.

What is the roulette multipliers?


In every spin the lightning will hit 3 – 5 random numbers, giving a windfall starting from 50x up to 500x!

for example, if you bet on number 5 with $1 and the lightning hit this number, giving you 500x multipliers you will win $500.

besides, if the ball landed on this number you will have additional 30x roulette multipliers! so your total winning in this game will be $530, while your bet was just a single dollar! Do you imagine your winnings if you chose 2 or 3 lightning numbers in one spin?!

Lightning roulette tricks

Like any other roulette variation, this game depends on luck only. So there is no lightning roulette tricks or strategies that can be used to maximize the winning chance! But you can apply the principle of Martingale strategy in this game! As the following steps:

How to win lightning roulette?

use your own strategy!
some players prefer betting on the same numbers over and over untill getting the lighting or the roulette ball! while some other players like to pick different numbers every spin, there is no certain strategy to win at roulette, therefore play your way!

Intro Lightning Roulette


When Evolution Gaming launched the Lightning Roulette game in February 2018, it became one of the best live games since ever!

This game was announced as “the new innovation” of the best live casino games provider in the industry! this new online game is based on European Roulette Rules, and make, but it has a new magical rule that turns straight bets on the single numbers into a mini-lotto game with winnings varying from 50x up to 500x. before the ball lands into a slot, the game will be shifted from wheel to table, you will see the lightning hits the table and choose 3 lucky numbers to give them awesome bonuses! This awesome feature makes straight bets worth the risk!

The game’s rules

Lightning Roulette could be defined as a variant combining European Roulette, an electronic roulette show, and a miniature lotto game.

European Roulette casino because this variation is played with a single zero and therefore it works according to the principles of this kind.

Electronic roulette because the wheel is activated automatically without the intervention of the dealer who, as we will detail below, plays a whole different role here!

Finally, it’s a miniature lotto game, because this new variant allows players to win up to 500x the wager amount! thanks to the presence of Lucky Numbers on each spin.

Specific features


“Lightning” refers to the light flashes that appear and surround the randomly chosen Lucky Numbers on each spin in this game.

In summary, after the reception of the bets and before the Wheel spins, the dealer will activate the Random Number Generator which chooses 1 – 5 numbers between 0 and 36, and the chosen numbers will be shown on the giant screen behind the dealer and it will win 50x t0 500x initial bet amount!

In other words, if you placed a bet of $10 on a lucky Number that had the multiplier of x500, you will win $5,000. There is no other roulette arabic game that offers such levels of payouts!

What’s the unique about lightning roulette game?

In this game, Evolution decided to convert the “old French Invention” into one of its live show games like (monopoly live, the money wheel, and Mega ball). All of these games include a mini lottery system that gives lucky players unprecedented profits.

So, if you still think that straight bets on single numbers have a low win percentage of 2.7% only and it’s very risky, you have to think twice! Because this kind of bet isn’t now a part of the arab roulette game, rather it’s apart from the lottery and you have a win percentage of 2.7% which is very high in comparison with the win percentage of the 6-numbers lottery which is 1 in 13,983,816!

Winning bets payout

Although this is primarily European Roulette, the Lightning table offers different payout levels. Here, a winning bet on a single number pays only 30: 1 instead of the usual payout of 36: 1.

The other types of bets have the same payout levels as on the classic tables. This can be explained quite easily given that only single numbers bets can give players huge wins offered by lightning!

Which casinos offer Lightning Roulette?


If you used to play Evolution Gaming Live Roulette tables, simply visit your regular arabic casino to take advantage of this new game which is available 24/7.

For others, this game is notably available on these casinos:

Each of these casinos is equipped with high-quality roulette, baccarat online, blackjack, and even casino Holdem tables. They have a hundred tables with live dealers to their credit, which makes them big names in the live game.

Lightning Roulette Tips

One of the most important lightning roulette tips is to bet wisely on the odd numbers! As the probability of these bets winning is very low, and therefore it is difficult to win these bets, so it is best to bet on these numbers with limited values to keep playing for a longer period.

For example, if you place a bit on number 1 and the lightning hits this number, you will get a $50 to $500. But if you lost your bet you will be able to continue playing. Whereas if you place a bet with $100 the risk will be very high, And it is very likely that you will lose!


The best lightning Roulette strategy you can implement is the James Bond strategy. This strategy requires you to place 3 bets on the same spin as follows:

Bet on 1 number.

Bet on a column (like the first column).

Bet on a dozen (Such as 13-26). This way, you can guarantee to win. Since your bets cover all the roulette wheel cells except 12 numbers only, and even if you lost one or two bets the winning bet will give winning that will compensate the loss. Also, you have a chance to win the multiplies of the lightning since you have placed a straight bet!

Lightning Roulette Rules

Lightning roulette rules are based on the European roulette game, the additional rule of this game is the lightning that hits lucky numbers and offers them high winnings ranging from 5x up to 500x to bet value. So, you will find it very easy to play if you tried any roulette game before! Whereas, if you are still a new player and don’t know too much about this game, you can read our guide about roulette games, then you can start trying the demo games at

lightning roulette tips on winning

As you know roulette is a luck game. it’s not like blackjack or poker games that depend on mathematical skills and making the right decisions at the right times. So, there is no direct answer to the question “How to win Lightning Roulette?”. However, you can increase your winning odds in many ways. For instance, you can get an advantage from the live casino bonuses and play lighting roulette with them. Also, you can register at many casinos to get more offers!

Lightning Roulette FAQ

how to win lightning roulette?

There is no specific way to Win at lightning roulette. It is a game that solely depends on luck.

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