Double Ball Roulette


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The great development in technology has reflected on the electronic gambling industry and its diversity. And we can notice that from the different types of online roulette games.
Roulette has many types, including American and European; beside the double ball roulette, which is played in the same way as regular roulette but with one important difference. The double one is played with two balls instead of one.

These two balls are thrown into the wheel via remote control by the players to prevent the two balls from colliding with each other.
Nowadays with the success and speediness of the original roulette game in casinos, Double Ball Roulette has been able to gain great popularity among gamblers.

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Double ball roulette Features

The online version of roulette has the same rules and betting options as the normal roulette game.
Double Ball Roulette is one of the alternatives to roulette. However, it differs by using two balls.
Although there are two balls in the game they do not collide.

The process is to use compressed air and this air pushes the two balls out of the tube at the same time, the second ball is always behind the first one, but even though they are rotating at the same speed.
Double roulette also has a stop system which is used in a traditional roulette wheel but with one ball.

Double Ball Roulette strategy

It will be good for the beginner roulette player to have enough information and idea about the game and train well in the best way of playing.
In the beginning, the player can take advantage of the bonus and the free promotions until he can know the rules of the game well.

It is important to determine the amount of the money according to the player’s budget, which can be set at the minimum.
Thinking well before choosing the bet and numbers
Use the remote control carefully
The dealer sets the winning bets and collects the losing one after the ball stops and falls into the pocket.

What are the differences between Double Ball Roulette and American roulette?

The roulette game of “double-ball” is the same as the American roulette game, which means that the wheel has 38 holes, and it is classified from 1 to 36. And there is one zero and double zero (00).
But Despite all these features in online roulette games, the options for betting on the real roulette table are the same as in a regular one.
In American roulette, the outside bets are placed on the left side of the table. But at double ball roulette, there are many types of bets, also betting has different methods, there is also the Double Ball Roulette jackpot. Of course, as we mentioned before in the American there is one ball, while in the double there are two balls.

Double ball roulette online odds


The player wins the bet when one of the balls falls into the pocket which has the same number that has been bet on, but if two balls fall on the same number, the bonus will be increased twice.
In the inside bets which consist of one number, the probability of falling balls on the same number will be 0.0006, while only one of the balls has a chance at the end of the number the player bet on is 0.0512.

And Chances of losing 0.9480.
In split bets, the chances of winning are 0.0027 and 0.0997respectively. On the other hand, the chances of losing are 0.8975.

With three-digit bets, the probability of winning is 0.0062 and 0.1454 for both balls to fall on a winning number and only one ending with a winning number, however, the chances of placing a three-digit losing bet are 0.8483.

About the corner bet, the chances of placing a winning number are 0.0110 and 0.1883 respectively. While playing Double Ball Roulette, the chances of placing a losing bet on the corner are 0.8005.
For a five-digit bet, the probability of winning will be 0.0173 and 0.2285 respectively and the chances of losing on the five-digit bets are 0.7541.

Double Ball Live roulette

Evolution Gaming have made Double Live Roulette which is the same as double ball roulette but with a live croupier that will spin the wheel for you and chat with you for a more real casino experience.

Double ball roulette online Bet types


Double Ball Roulette is one of the most enjoyable and popular types of roulette for players as a traditional game based on luck.
However, players should have a good level of information about this game before start playing, they must know that their bets are likely to be winning.

Players should be aware that logical analysis of the game indicates that the odds of winning outside bets have a higher probability.  
Bets on red, black, odd, even, and low numbers are 0.2243. In terms of the probability to lose, and when placing any of the previous bets, it will be 0.7756.

For all the outside bets which consisting of 12-number and include the bets made on 1st, 2nd and 3rd columns, 1st, 2nd and 3rd scores, the probability of winning will be 0.0997, while the chances of losing will be 0.9002.

When a player bet on balls to drop into the red pocket, while the other will fall into the black pocket, the probability of winning will be 0.4487 and while placing such a bet the chances of losing are 0.5512.

Inside bets

Straight-up bet


A bet on any single number, including 0 and 00. In this case, the chips are placed inside the betting square that contains the number that has been chosen. If any of the balls fall on that number the money return will be 17 to 1, and if both balls fall on the chosen number, they will be paid at a rate of 34 to 1.

Split bet

In this bet the chips are placed on the separating line between two numbers, if one of the balls falls on the expected number, the payment will be made at a rate of 8 to 1, but if the two balls fall on the same number, the return will be 16 to 1.

Street bet

The bet is on three numbers in any row, in this case, the player’s casino chips must be placed on the line at the end of the row. Winning players are paid from 5 to 1, but if both balls fall on one of the winning numbers, they are paid a rate of 10 to 1.

Corner bet

Known as a square bet too, it involves four numbers that share a common corner. The chips for this type of bet are placed at the common corner that the four numbers share. If any of the balls fall on one of the four numbers you selected, the return will be 3 to 1. However, if luck is on your side and both balls fall on one of your numbers, the return will be 6 to 1.

Rows bet

This bet includes two rows of three numbers each. The chips are placed at the end of the line between the two rows.
The rate of payment is 2-to-1, but if both balls end up on one of the betting numbers the player will be so lucky and the payout is 4 to 1.

How to play double ball roulette 

Double roulette is available in both single and double zero versions, and it can be played on a standard double zero wheel which is consisting of 38 pockets. The black and red pockets as a usual alternate with the numbers 1 to 36, and there are two zero pockets in green, marked with 0 and 00, respectively.

The design of the roulette table is mostly the same as in the traditional one. But the professional roulette players can immediately notice that the bet includes three rows of 12 numbers in each. Feature in double roulette:

The most important feature in double roulette is the field between the red and black fields, which combine both colors.

And Because there are two balls in the game, the odds are adjusted accordingly, and the player also has chances to double-winning with an inside bet, knowing that the payout will be less than the one in the regular roulette games.

After turning on the air blow to throw the balls, the player can be able to use the control button on the table, and the dealer can give the player the task to roll the two balls.

The reason that Double Ball Roulette is so popular among Roulette players is that the odds of winning in the bets are higher twice than the normal one. But the player should always remember that the payments will be reduced.

Things are different concerning the outside bets because here both balls must win so just in that way the player can win. For example, if he bets on black, the two balls must fall into the black pocket to win. It is also possible to bet on both color red and black. The profit here is higher because the winning percentage is lower than the rest of the bets.

There is also an option to bet on both balls to drop on the same odd number. If one of these bets is done so the player will win the big double-ball prize.

Usually, the dealer does not throw the balls towards the wheel in open places. Instead of that, players are provided with a special remote-control which enables them to throw the balls by using it.

Outside bets

This bet is considered hard a little bit to win because both balls should fall on the numbers or colors that were chosen, like an individual, doubles, maximum or minimum limits.
So, if one of the balls comes in one of the 18 winning pockets, 3-to-1 are paid.

Dozen bet

It is possible here, to place dozens of bets covering twelve numbers, and the player will win if both balls fall on one of the numbers that he has chosen, and the payout will be from 8 to 1.

Column bet

It is to bet on a single column with the 12-digit number, the player wins if the two balls fall on the expected numbers. The payout is the same for a dozen bets, 8 to 1.

There are three more bets on Double Ball Roulette. Players are allowed to bet both black and red. If the ball lands in a red pocket and the second ball ends up in a black pocket, the bet will pay 1 to 1, or even money. 

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