American Roulette


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The history of roulette

it goes back to the year 1720 when it was a combination between the wheel game and the Italian Beribe game. 
Roulette is a casino game, the name came from the French word which means the little wheel. It was invented in the eighteenth century in France, and since then it has spread and developed over the years in European countries and America.
Roulette is considered one of the most preferred casino games for gamblers. whether professional or beginners as it considers a good star in the world of gambling.
Roulette has spread over the past years and becomes available via Arab and international online casino sites, where the player can play roulette through these sites from in the world, but also through the live casino.
Originally roulette is divided into two types, American roulette, and European roulette. 

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American roulette vs European

American roulette is one of the most popular types of roulette whether in real or online casinos.
Although the difference between American roulette and the European one, is not remarkable to every player, the professional player can easily distinguish between them. The difference between American roulette and European is that American roulette contains numbers from 0 to 36 and has one addition to a double zero. 
European roulette also includes numbers from 0 to 36, but the total is 37. To explain it more simply, the American roulette differs in the design of the roulette wheel itself from the European roulette where a hole (00) has been added.
Thus, the wheel became composed of 38 holes, while it was originally composed of 37 holes. 

How to play ?

In the beginning,
1. Bets are placed by the players on the American roulette table, as soon as the chips are distributed so, the various bets can be set on the roulette table.
2. After that, The player can place his bet either on one number or on a group of numbers and then the dealer starts spinning the roulette wheel.
3. All bets must be determined and known before the American roulette wheel is turned. After stopping the betting phase, the player is not allowed to change the bet he has chosen.
4. The winners are decided by the dealer as soon as the ball falls into one of the numbered pockets on the American roulette wheel and is paid with the losing stakes. Then the bets for the second round of play resume.

Tips for better game

Choosing a reliable online casino: The player needs to choose a reliable and legal online casino with official licenses.
Avoiding addiction: The player should have a responsibility and specify an amount of money to bet and try not to exceed this amount to avoid falling into the circle of addiction and spending so much money.

Choosing the right time to withdraw: this avoids the player the big losses and ensures that he keeps half the bet. Separation of the winnings amounts from the betting budget, and this avoids the player from losing his entire balance.

The possibilities of winning in American roulette may decrease and the casino advantage increases when compared to the possibilities of winning in European roulette.

Types of Bets


Types Of Bets1

Roulette Strategies

Types Of Bets

These Strategies are common in American roulette and European.

Martingale strategy

The martingale strategy is based on doubling the player’s bet after his loss, to compensate for the previous losses and achieve a small profit, in other words, if the player places his bet on one color only and then continues to double the bet until he wins, he recovers his losses on the condition that he continues to multiply the losing bets.

Reverse martingale

Which is mean the opposite way of the Martingale strategy. So, the goal here is to increase the bet when winning and decrease it when losing. instead of raising your bet as a player when losing. 

The player in this strategy has to be careful because it is not necessary that if one of the colors wins 100 times in a row that doesn’t mean the other color will appear in the next round. 

 The probabilities of roulette tournaments have less than 50/50 chances due to the 0 and 00. If the player wants to win, he must win bigger bets or win to compensate for the losses.

Roulette strategies

D’ALEMBERT Strategy 

This betting method is based on high and low bets based on which one is safer than doubling. This strategy is used by roulette players who are looking for a safer game than either Roulette Martingale or Reverse Martingale. 

Fibonacci strategy


The first person who invented this Arithmetic method was the Italian mathematician Ionardole of Pisa, known as Fibonacci. 

This strategy involves betting by adding the last two bets together and in this way the player can make a profit even if he loses a greater number of games he has won.

James Bond strategy

This strategy was invented by Ian Fleming, an English author, and naval intelligence officer who is also one of the thousand famous “James Bond” characters.

At that time he told people that a player needs at least $ 200 to start playing and betting.

Strangest stories of roulette winners

Charles Wells


His nickname was the man who bankrupted the casino of Monte Carlo.One night, Charles, went to the famous Monte Carlo casino and started playing roulette. At that night the great luck was on his side.
As he won 23 out of 30 bets, and he even managed to beat the bank in the sense that the “table” money had expired and had to borrow Casino money to pay out winnings to Charles. That night he won a million francs.
Surprisingly, Charles returned to the casino soon to gamble and to try his luck again, to also win another one million francs.

Ashley Revell

The story of Ashley Revelle is strange like a fairy tale. One day, Revelle decided to sell all his properties, “the house, the car, his clothes and his watches” in addition to withdrawing all his savings and going to Las Vegas casinos to bet on a game of roulette.

Revelle decided to bet on the red color only, and the big surprise was when the dealer threw the ball and it fell into the number 7 which carries the red color and only one turn. then Revelle decided to double his fortune with just one bet. To earn $ 135,000

Later Ashley Revelle created a site for playing online poker to help people to find jobs through the internet casino sites.


There is no completely best bet in American roulette, but we can say that the European roulette table has the lower  house edge percentage than the other kinds which can offer better bets than another kind.  


There are many kinds of roulette games in online casinos, such as American, European, and French roulettes. In addition, there are Mini roulette, double ball, and multi roulettes which you can find and play through online casinos.


First of all, you should be careful before choosing the online casino for many things, like the reputation of the casino, what license does it have? Besides, what games does the casino offer?  it is important too to know about how much you will as a player in safe, about your identity, deposits, and withdrawal, and for sure your personal information should be in safe.

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