Paypal easy and secure payment method


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It is an online electronic bank that was founded in 1998, allows users to open a free fees account and pay for items, buying, shopping, gambling on websites in a very secure way. 

This system is the favorite for gamblers all over the world for its high level of privacy and security . 

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PayPal account

paypal payment

Visit PayPal’s website and click the Sign-Up button 
Select the account type then add your name, email address, and password, then click Continue.
Add your address and other required info, then click Continue, Click the Get started button, add in your credit card information, then click Add card.
After that, you have to verify your email address by clicking the link in the email sent to you by PayPal.

Verify PayPal wallet

Before you start using your credit/debit card or bank account, and for safety reasons, you will need to verify your PayPal account. 
To verify it, log into your account, then click Wallet, and select the card you want to verify.
Click the Confirm card link then OK, 
If PayPal charges a small amount of money to your card. It will turn to you back in a few days after the verification of the card, 

How to deposit in PayPal wallet?

As a PayPal user, you can deposit in your electronic wallet in two ways
via credit or debit card 
Transfer directly from your bank account.
Both ways are easy and have their qualifications just choose what is suitable for you, so you can deposit very easily. And as soon as you finish the process the money will transfer directly to your account. 

paypal secure payment method

Most famous electronic payment method

It is considered one of the famous ways of transferring virtual money all over the world.

The users of PayPal can shop where ever they are, also, it is counting on a lot of online casinos and sports betting sites as a payment method and money transfer. 
This system enables users to transfer money just by using their e-mail. 

Paypal is one of the international payment methods where it has been using by 300 million people and available in more than 203 countries and is accepts approximately 26 different currencies from all around the world. 

Advantages and disadvantages 

First, you don’t have to pay any extra fees when using PayPal.
Deposit is made directly while the withdrawal process takes sometimes 72 hours and considers faster than other payment options. 
As we mentioned before PayPal is the safest electronic payment option for users and you can use it with the all trust of privacy and security.
There is one disadvantage to using PayPal as a payment method to deposit which if you don’t have an account on PayPal it will take about a couple of days to confirm your information and account.

About withdrawing you may pay extra fees on some online casino sites.

paypal Advantages and disadvantages 

Why PayPal is easy and flexible?

Anyone can upload the app on his mobile very easily, and some of the studies have revealed that 40% of people who are using electronic payment banks are using PayPal as a payment method too. 
This applies to online casinos and sports sites too, where the gamblers can play and gamble through these apps on their mobiles. 
As a conclusion about PayPal let us tell you that the main reason for using PayPal to make your real money transfer process easier and safer as players and gamblers via online websites. 
Paypal has a qualification that can hide your personal information while playing and gambling which allows you the security and to enjoy your games via online casino sites.

Rewards and offers 

Why PayPal is easy and flexible

Some of the casinos provide the gamblers rewards and special offers in a condition to be PayPal users. these rewards are a bonus the player can have it without deposit any sum of money or maybe this offers to be as deposits.

The most important games are roulette which is the most popular among gamblers all around the world.  

On online casinos 

Most of the online casino sites accept the PayPal wallet payment system and consider it one of the best ways to deposit, withdraw and transfer money online as one and sport betting sites.

Paypal in Arabs countries casinos 

This payment method is unavailable in these countries: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon .yemen. Palestine and Sudan. 

But it is available in Eygpt. Amman, Qatar, Bahrain and Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait .

PayPal is safe

PayPal is one of the safest payment virtual method. And it is maybe safer than normal bank transfers.

Just one thing you have to be careful not to make a mistake when entering the amount of money or email address.

So you can be sure that no one will be able to see your bank account details.

, By raniaarabicroulette