Ecopayz the electronic card and wallet


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Is an electronic payment card, safe and secure .it was founded 20 years ago in the united kingdom. It is considered one of the best electronic payment methods and the most popular in online casinos. its electronic wallet provides to users sending, Deposit, and withdraw money easily, fast, and with a high level of privacy.

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Ecopayz and online casinos

Is considered one of the best financial transactions. especially for gamblers in online casino sites. it is accepted in most casino sites and the gambler can use it very easy to deposit and withdraw his money in a very short time. and in a very high level of safety and privacy. 
some of the online casino sites provide a very special offer to the this wallet user. like allow them to withdraw a very big amount of money till 7,000 dollars and at the same time, it allows to deposit a higher amount. 
This special way allows the user or gambler to enjoy playing and winning at the same time. Besides he can transfer all his earning money through wallet to his banking account for a maximum of two days with the highest level of privacy to his personal information.


Ecopyaz the electronic card and wallet

After creating your electronic wallet
log in to your account there. 
Go to the ‘Deposit’ section and select this wallet as the payment method.
Insert the amount you wish to deposit from your account. Then insert your username and password and press the “Next” or “Submit” button.
The money will transfer to your account after a discount of 1.69–2.9 %.You can pay via ecopayz by creating an account on the casino’s site which you shoes to play in. 
Choose your link and fill the application with information like your name, country, age, phone number, and e-mail. After specifying the name of the user the casino will send you a secret code to use in your casino’s account and now you can start playing and gambling directly. 

Withdraws in ecopayz

If you want to withdraw your earned money from the online casino’s sites, through system you have to follow the same deposit steps.

After you finish your gambling or betting you can withdraw your money by 

Go to the ‘withdraw’ section then choose  wallet as the payment method. 

Insert the amount you wish to withdraw from your account and insert your personal information in ecopayz .

As soon as you press the confirmation button the money will be transferred to your wallet in a very short time.

Then you can transfer it to your bank account or any of your credits


You can find it in many countries of the world, including Arab countries.
And they are dealing with its system like all debit or credit cards as master card and visa cards.
Most of the online casinos and sport betting sites accepting and dealing with cards in addition to the online shopping websites. The card is known that is easy to use, there is a code for every user or player and that is to protect and avoid them losing or stealing it. Also accepts dealing with more than 60 currencies.

How to open an account?

Availability of ecopayz

Make the registration in website. Choose the button – open new account 
Insert the user name, E-mail, Password.Then your country, language, and currency, enter the confirmation code, and now you have your account to start deposit , withdraw and play on online casinos.


When the user recharges his e-wallet by one of your credit cards it will be charged by extra fees.

Between 1.69 to 2.90 %. As for withdrawals from a wallet to a bank account, the user will have a discount of 10 to 11 Dollars.

Fees in ecopayz

What is the best choice for online casinos?

High level of safety
The card has a very high level of protection to the users from hacking or stealing their personal information.
It depends on the newest decode international program m Besides, when the player wants to gamble, the system of it does not send the user information to the casino which guarantees all kinds of privacy, especially for the Arab gamblers.
Easy to create the wallet
User can make their wallet in a few minutes by signing up on the company website through their mobile or laptop.
and then he can charge it in a very fast and easy way. 
Fast to deposit:
The user of wallet can deposit the money after creating his wallet within few minutes without any kind of obstacles. 
Flexibility of deposit 
Wallet allows to is users to deposit the lowest amount of money and the highest one.
 From 10 to 10.000 dollars.
Your account enables you to send and receive money all over the world and it is just from one account that you have. 
 So, to open and create this account you don’t need a bank account or a credit card you can have your own one free of charge and within few minutes. Then charge it with the amount of money you want.

Rewards and offers in Ecopayz 

Some of the online casinos offer these players rewards and special prizes as a bonus, without any need to deposit money. 

The most famous game is roulette which is considered as most popular among gamblers all over the world.

So what are you waiting for, don’t hesitate to download this app on your mobile or laptop and enjoy all the qualifications .

, By raniaarabicroulette