Best 10 lucky Roulette Games at Online Casinos

Best 10 lucky Roulette Games at Online Casinos

Among all online casino games, lucky roulette is the most famous and popular! Because its rules are pretty simple, easy, and rapid. The game begins when the dealer calls: “place your bets, please” then players will have 30 seconds to put their chips on the roulette table. Then, the dealer will take the ball and put it on the spinning ring inside the roulette wheel, after that he will say: “no more bets, please”. And in just a few seconds, the ball will land on the winning slot, and the dealer will announce the winning number, zone, and color.

Online casinos offer programmed lucky roulette games that have the same standard rules and layouts. The results in these games are determined by complex algorithms called Random Number Generators (RNG) which give completely random and fair results for every game. Also, you can play live roulette games that are presented in a real environment and transmitted from studios that have the same decors and designs like the traditional casinos to feel as if you play in Las Vegas or Macau!

Every online casino has it’s set of lucky roulette games, some casinos have hundreds of roulette games and some other casinos offer 2 – 5 titles only, so the choice can be difficult for novice players. For that, we will recommend you the best roulette games ever arranged from lowest to highest.

10. American lucky Roulette

As you know, there are 3 classical types of lucky roulette games (French, European, and American). The French and European types are very similar, but the American roulette wheel has a slight difference that turns the tables on the player which is the double zero square (00)!

This square increases the House Edge to 5.4% (which is 4 times the French roulette percentage!) So, American roulette gives you a lower odds than French and European variants, but it still better than slots’ odds!

9. French lucky Roulette

This variant is the first type of roulette game that was created during the 17th century in France. at this distant time, roulette was very new and nobody knows it, so casino owners decided to add the zero slot to work as the Joker in card games. Accordingly, if the player placed any bet and the ball hit the zero, he can choose between taking half of his wager value, or freeze his bet to the next spin to get a second chance!

8. Mini lucky Roulette

This game is perfect for beginners because it contains only 18 numbers. So, you will get more winning odds, but, on other hand, the payouts will be much less!

7. Multi-wheel Roulette

In this game player can bet on 2 – 8 wheel Simultaneously, so you will be sure that you will achieve 2 wins at the minimum!

At the beginning of this game, you will choose the number of wheels, then place your bet. After that, click “spin” then you will know your winning total!

It worth mention that the bet amount and option are fixed, so you can’t place different bets for the multi wheels!

6. Progressive Roulette

Progressive Roulette works in the same manner as jackpot slots and lottery. When you place a bet, part of its value will be added to the progressive jackpot prize which increases over time until a lucky player wins it!

The betting option which gives jackpot prize changes in every game, so you have to bet every time on the new specified option, and sometimes you can find many jackpot prizes in the same game. Therefore, you will have better odds to win one of them!

5. Double Ball Roulette

As you guessed from its name, this game has two balls instead of one.

If you placed an outside bet the 2 balls must hit your betting zone to win, but if you place an inside bet you need only 1 ball to land in your betting option.

This game is better for inside bets lovers like the lightning roulette game!

4. Pinball Roulette

This innovative game is developed by Playtech, it’s not based on a wheel like the traditional lucky roulette games, but it based on the pinball table like the classic games (Short Circuit Pinball, and Pinball Football).

After placing your bets, the ball will be released and move between barriers and pins until it finally hits one of the roulette numbers.

3. 3D Roulette

This game is based on the European rules without anything extra. But it has very pure and immersive graphics that shows all game’s details to feel as if you watch a real roulette wheel in a traditional casino!

2. European lucky Roulette

As we mentioned before, the European roulette wheel has a single zero only. Therefore, higher winning odds. For that, European roulette is one of the most popular variants for players in offline and online casinos too.

1. Live Roulette games

These games are broadcasted from European and Asian studios via live stream Arabic roulette technology, and they are available throughout the day without interruption, and presented by real local dealers who speak your native language! Whether you speak English, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, or any other language you can play with a dealer who speaks your native tongue! And you can communicate with them (or with other players) by live chat.

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